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Saturday, March 14

Pamela, Venice

Pamela is another resident of Venice who lives in an RV, like recent Homebodies post Anthony Lamonea. He lives around the corner. Pamela recently planted a garden in the parking strip--the patch of land between the curb and the sidewalk--across from her place. Apparently the city doesn't own these plots of land (not that I've thoroughly investigated), and it regulates only trees in such areas. Some communities, like Venice, are much more relaxed about these things, anyway.

Aforementioned photographer-friend Hayley Murphy had recently taken some photos of Pamela, and we went back to visit her on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, hoping she'd let us tour her van. "No way!" said Pamela. "If I let you inside, you'll never talk to me again."

She did let us take photos of her streetside garden and the RV's exterior. So use your imagination.

We caught her right as she was coming from church in the Valley. She put on lip gloss for her portraits. I was amazed at how comfortable she was in front of a camera. And how great Hayley was at shooting her! Quick story: She says she was waiting tables in NYC back in the day, and a man told her that her perfectly symmetrical features would make her an excellent subject to paint. He was an artist, he said. Pamela graciously accepted the compliment and returned to the kitchen to hear her coworkers squealing about the man seated in her section. "You don't know who that is?" they cried. "It's Andy Warhol!" OK, OK...

This is the part where you have to imagine.

Turns out I don't know much about the garden, either. She's pointing to succulents. She's posing with her cat. And that's Hayley being Hayley. I'll link to Hayley's much better photos of Pamela when they're posted to her website. If you're ever near Pamela's plants, give them water and talk to them softly.