Tuesday, May 29

Shantell Martin's bedroom drawings

Following my story for The New York Times last Thursday about artist Shantell Martin, I thought I'd post some of my pics of her place from when I first visited. You can see the bed, above, had a dark frame just a few months ago; by the time it was photographed for the story, she'd painted it white. And drawn all over it.

I have loads of pics I'll save for posting here and there in the near future, but for now, check out her desk area, below (she doesn't like comfortable chairs, because she doesn't want to sit too long at the computer); that's a note above the monitor that says something like, "Shantell: No Facebook today!" Shantell, fiddling with a recorder (am I on video?); dotted-outline man shooting big spotty-headed man with a dream, one of Shantell's favorite little scenes; bottles; sweatshirts (buy Shantell Martin's art and clothing and other stuff here); gessoed toys (she's also since drawn on the shelves); the laundry room.

She made me tea.

Thursday, May 24

Cover story, 'The New York Times' Home section

Check it out: I have the cover of The New York Times Home section today! All credit goes to Shantell Martin. She's the artist whose place I've been hinting about here. I'll be back soon with a few of my photos of her amazing Brooklyn apartment...

Photo here (for the Times) by Trevor Tondro.

Tuesday, May 22

Blue-grey walls

This is a photo from my friend Kevin's old place in L.A. I always loved the color of the blue-grey walls--grey changes so much throughout day, depending on light, and you can see it here from the pale blue near the window to the cooler shade on the right.

A slouched torso of a pillow.

I recently removed all the bookshelves on my walls that were secured with brackets I drilled into metal studs under the conflicting guidance of four employees at Ace Hardware across the street. (A metaphoric life lesson: No one knows the best way to drill into a wall, and you don't know what's on the other side until you do.)  I've been wondering--god, I hope I don't take this on--about painting a wall either a dark blue, like Wayman did (that's Benjamin Moore's Abyss), or something light like this grey. Complicated, I think, and not only in terms of the sophisticated color scheme. Wish me luck?

Thursday, May 17

Who are you

Who are you? I am deliriously busy. And I've been working on a story on this artist, so I'll reveal her and post more pics next week when the story's up.

Who's going to Design Week? The Cooper-Hewitt has the amazing new informational site, designweeknyc.org. By the way, Kurt Andersen is funny about the over-propped house, and I've always had a thing for benches.

UPDATE 5/27/12: Subject revealed! This is at the home of Shantell Martin, whose room I wrote about in a cover story for the Home section of The New York Times

Tuesday, May 8

Pretty pens

I'm writing about someone who draws, and the pens (above) live under desk (below) in organized bins. Sort of like a garden at your feet. Stay tuned for the story, and I'll reveal her identity (and many more pics) when the piece is published... 

UPDATE 5/27/12: Subject revealed! This is at the home of Shantell Martin, whose room I wrote about in a cover story for the Home section of The New York Times