Monday, February 6

The Strawberry Bathroom

I grew up in Michigan with this bathroom that I shared with siblings. Isn't it wild? I think it was completed in the '70s when I was little or unborn, because I have no memory of seeing it for the first time. Now when I see it, I'm shocked at the wall-to-wall-to-ceiling coverage. It always makes me smile, and whenever friends and family visit, they ask to go upstairs to see "the strawberry bathroom."

My mom, pictured above in a high school portrait, definitely had fun here, unlike my father, whose duty it was to paper the corners, around the vents, over the shower hood, which I think is upholstered in matching material (I accidentally deleted the picture), and around the plumbing and the vanity. Nightmare! Below are strategic photos taken with great concentration, as you can see in my face in the mirror; one of my siblings uses the space for extra storage--a bookcase here, a world globe there--and those pieces, unlike everything else in the room, are not plastered with strawberries.