Monday, October 29

Patterns of behavior

Look familiar? A pattern has emerged: visit good friends Philip & Nathalie up in Cold Spring, crash in the bunk beds, sleep near a glass of water on the floor, post my photos months later. While looking back at earlier blog entries about their place, I realized that Philip & Nathalie have been featured way more than anyone else on Homebodies! I hadn't noticed, but I'm totally not surprised. 

Remember when Philip gave us that great tour of the apartment a while ago? This time, he gestured toward some updates since my last visit. Highlights: the great long table in the dining room/hangout space; the corner niche, detailed by him and his architect/writer friend Thomas de Monchaux (don't ask how long it took for them to painstakingly choose nailhead designs and decide on spacing); the built-in bench behind the long table, also built by him and de Monchaux. The biggest change since my last visit: stacks of colorful baby clothes

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