Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween?

Happy Halloween? Here in storm-wrecked New York, it's hard to imagine the little ones getting dressed up tonight. This is the first Halloween I've lived in New York in a house, with a gate, a stoop, a buzzer, and have kids as neighbors, so I guess we'll see. I wrote the rest of this post last week:

I think I re-post this photo every Halloween: Author and trickster Phillip Lopate shows off his favorite costume for spooking Carroll Gardens trick-or-treaters. Phillip, whose home I visited a few years ago, is famous for his wonderful essays—Publishers Weekly recently named his 1986 piece "Against Joie de Vivre" one of the 10 best essays since 1950. But among the knee-high set brave enough to knock on his door, he's Crazy Scary Knife Man. Boo!

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