Monday, April 2

Are you getting unwanted emails from Homebodies?

I keep forgetting to ask: Are you suddenly getting emails from Homebodies that you didn't subscribe to? Please let me know. I added a "Follow by Email" option on the right column, and I'm noticing spikes in traffic once a day, presumably when the email is sent out, but it's such a new feature that I'd be surprised if that many people have already signed up. I'm trying to figure out if Blogger (owned by Google) uses the Gmail addresses of people who follow via other means...? Anyway, please leave a comment below if you suddenly started receiving emails, because I'd like to fix it. Don't be shy.

I'm heading to the NYPL now and am looking forward to a busy week: a slew of design-related assignments, a visit tomorrow morning for Homebodies, a friend in town who's playing guitar with the lovely Rachael Yamagata. I guess it's windy today? The Weather Channel has a rather childlike depiction of the day's conditions. Happy Monday!


  1. FYI- It's business as usual over here @ MB, no spam, all cool... Thanks for checking....