Monday, March 5

Weekend in Accord

A few weeks ago, I went upstate to visit Tara and Leighton, a couple I met years ago when we all lived in L.A. It was the kind of trip that began on a Saturday at the southwest corner of Astor Place: four of us from the city were meeting at the blue Land Rover of a guy I'd never met, and he was driving us all to Accord, where we would celebrate Tara's birthday. I could not have asked for a better road trip with strangers: we agreed on listening to old country, and the lovely passenger guest shared sandwiches and entertained us with dramatic readings of her tabloids.

This week I'll post more from the weekend, but for now: corrugated-metal siding (and a corrugated-metal shower, not pictured); shooting targets and Emeco chairs in the kitchen; two dogs, two goats; too many bottles of wine; one cat; lots of glass.


  1. cool place; love all the corrugated metal, reminds me of Rocio Romero's pre-fab work....

  2. Thanks for reading, Mondoblogo! Cool place, cool company.