Tuesday, March 6

Sunny morning quiet time

I think of Tara Derr Webb, the birthday girl, as a multidisciplinary artist: she paints (that's her work above, and throughout the house), she photographs, cooks, and I think she graffiti'd, perhaps, in a past life, or maybe she does it in this life, and I'm being intentionally unclear.

Her current focus is The Farmbar, which she describes as "a 1949 spartan mansion landcraft that will be modernized and transformed into a roving farm-to-table restaurant + retail space. Featuring repurposed wood, metal + tile interior, meaningful lifestyle goods and a simple organic regional menu, our mobile spartan will launch from New York and roll southbound in the fall of 2012." Fun renovation pics. The mansion landcraft is currently parked in the yard.
When I woke up on Sunday morning, I walked around the house with coffee as Rafael Melendez, a friend of Tara's from art school, drew at the table with a purple pen. Quiet time. I stood in one spot and took panoramic photos, as you can see below: the living area and dining table; kitchen, cookbooks, and cowhide; the entry; a very glam gold-and-glass cabinet purchased in London. Tara made a breakfast of softly scrambled eggs, toast, and yogurt with honey and cinnamon. I liked the simple design of this Mr. Coffee, especially when paired with the nonsense of Paul Frank party napkins.


  1. My friend late friend Robert lived in a Spartan Mansion, '48 I think... Great to see the Farmbar progress thru the link. It really is the Cadillac of trailers, the Air Stream being the Ford.... I spent a great night in one years ago, it was attached to a Marcel Breuer house. Crazy fun….

  2. Oooh, that sounds like a fun night. Do you have pics on your blog?

  3. What is the floor made of? Doesn't look like wood...intriguing.

  4. Elizabeth--it's poured concrete. Nice color, isn't it?