Wednesday, August 31

Poking around, red shoes

While Sarah flitted about the kitchen in her red shoes, I made myself at home. This apartment gets so much more light than her last place (in the same building, as I was saying in the last post). I really love the navy-multicolored bag hanging on the doorknob! Great shape. 

Here's her living room, and periodicals stashed under her desk, stacks of books by the window, hungry plates. In the photo with the fruit, I see now that the teapot, with the upside-down bird, is designed by our friend Jason Miller. I once heard that when a chain store you've definitely shopped in was unpacking their order of this dinnerware, they complained to Jason that the pieces were defective because the design was upside down. They didn't realize it was intentional.

Monday, August 29

A good friend is one who lets you drink Bloody Marys over her computer

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah Natkins invited me over for brek and Bloody Marys. "We can finally do Homebodies!" I said. Sarah, who was about to start a new job heading up the New York office of the London-based design communications firm Camron (repping Kartell, Yves Behar, World Design Capital Helsinki, London Design Festival), not only has beautiful taste, but she's also moved into a different apartment in the same building, and I hadn't seen the new place (As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that perhaps only New Yorkers do this, wouldn't you say?). She's been on my list for a while.

I'm also always game for stopping by for food and drink, especially if we end up Googling comedy sketches, as we, of course, by the end of the pitcher, were doing.

I'll post more of her place this week. Typewriters, design books, cameras, Ghost chairs...

Friday, August 26


Pardon my navel-gazing--apparently it's been four months since I've posted?! Good news: Homebodies is back! I had to hole up for a bit to finish grad school at Bennington College, which I did in late June, and I am now the proud owner of an MFA in Nonfiction Writing, a diploma in a nifty leather folder, and a dramatic brown-black-and-blue master's hood that hangs without purpose from a hook near my door.

Since graduation, I've taken some time off from creative writing and have been gallivanting, also loafing, Amtraking, and visiting family in Michigan (above, navel-gazing at Mom's house: my past and future in a carpet of clovers, hose). I apologize for my absence. Consider this blog once again active

More from the Michigan--the Small Barn (the Big One blew down), an inanimate owl that scares away...I think woodpeckers, the Big Barn's silo that still stands:
It's Friday night and New York State is in a state of emergency due to Irene. I'm home with my batteries, jugs of water, canned food I hope I won't need to eat, chocolate, wine. Stay safe. More soon...

Also, hello, Cousin Chris Malinzak. Thank you for always reading Homebodies in Ohio. Love to the fam!