Tuesday, October 4

Sarah's Saarinen

I love this picture. From Sarah's. On the opposite wall is her piano roll

And I hope to post more on that LA artist...

Speaking of bedrooms, what's up with thread counts? It doesn't seem to matter what the high-three-digit number is, they all kinda suck. Where can I get good, soft sheets that aren't, like, Pratesi-crazy $$$? (And no flannel, thanks.) Help!


  1. Lovely picture and blog! As far as sheets go, I've always been lucky at Bloomingdale's when they have a white sale. I got a set of high quality Italian sheets last winter (don't recall the brand) for about $150 for queen size. I was also able to get Frette sheets at the Frette outlet in Woodbury Common. Originally $1500, but after reductions and a sale they wound up being 90% off! I was replacing a set of supposed high quality that became threadbare within a year and paid nearly the same, so the price seemed worth it. And it was as they are so luxurious and comfortable! If you sign up for WC's VIP club you get sale notification and a coupon book with additional savings. (Nope don't work for WC or any of the shops there, just like passing on bargain info!) Good luck sheet

  2. Thank you, Suzanne! I'll check out your suggestions. I really appreciate it. xx

  3. i'm loving ikea's alvine medaljong duvet & pillowcases and beth bath beyond's hotel line in sateen right now. the hotel line is super reasonably priced (real world reasonable not magazine list reasonable) especially when you use their never expiring coupons! let me know if you need some, i get them by the boatload!


  4. Abby, thanks for the great rec's! I have an Ikea duvet that I love--forgot the name. I think I need to ferry on over to Red Hook... Another friend recommended BB&B's Pure Beech Sateen sheets, so I'll check there, too. Thank you, thank you!