Tuesday, October 11

LA artist Kevin Inkawhich

Many years ago, in another lifetime when I was living in Los Angeles and working in a men's clothing store, I sold a tall man in bright green boots a pair of striped socks. On his way out, he reached into his back pocket, pulled out his Leatherman, and cut off the plastic tag with the blade of the knife. 

"What are you, some sort of craftsman?" I asked. Who carries a Leatherman around West Hollywood! (I'm talking about that multitool used by your everyday Indiana Jones.)

Sure, he said, he was a craftsman, or an artist, or a sculptor, or someone who makes things, often with plants. He goes by Kevin Ink, short for Inkawhich. As he became a customer and a friend over the years, I learned he often goes to the local flower markets at 5 am. I learned he makes amazing mobiles from found objects in nature. He also designs gardens, writes music, and he's walked the runway as a model for Yamamoto. He has beautiful hair. 

See photos of his work here.

I recently found these photos--they're from a visit to his Los Angeles pad from a while ago. A long while ago. Above, the living area...that's his lighting glowing above the chair. Below, a sweet seat for knitting wire (I'll show this lighting in a separate post)...a figure...a workspace...boots...a painting space... a bowl of wire, beads, lights, rope...
I'll post more from Kevin's this week...

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  1. He certainly sounds like a character and his living space only re-enforces my view. What a great space, light, spacious and very personal. xo