Wednesday, September 21

Tequila & turquoise--life of the party

For those of you who commented on how much you loved Philip & Nathalie's gorgeous wood floors or this adorable turquoise table, here's another photo. I personally loved the nearly empty bowl of peanut M&Ms pictured next to the table. There was a party the night before. Wine, tequila, and M&Ms, anyone? Ugh.

Below, the DJ; "my room," as I spent the night with a very large glass of water; de Monchaux's rock star boots; the kitchen, with leftover pretzel sticks. (Above, also: the black-and-white tub!)

The last photo is one of my favorites of Nathalie. The following day, while she was straightening up and I was in the bathroom taking a picture of Make Love--Not War, I looked into the dining room (with the turquoise table) and saw her casually hoist this Eames lounge chair over her shoulder and walk it back over to its place in the living room. Feldenkrais instructor. Former dancer. Freaky strong.


  1. Haha! Thanks for making me even more green with envy! That flooring against the pure white walls is just sheer understated class - love it! And a bowl full of m&ms sounds great - coconut ones preferably. Love from London xo

  2. Thank you, Mademoiselle Poirot! Yes, that photo is for you! This dining room has changed so much--can't wait to visit again and post an update. Philip and Thomas built this seating cloud thing... More soon! xo