Thursday, September 15

Reception at the villa...and other brilliant wedding ideas

The wedding reception was in the country at Villa Pigafetti Camerini, also known as Villa di Montruglio, home to one contessa, whom I didn't get to meet. Andrea, the groom, had told me that the villa would be open for us to tour, so I went straight up to the closed door and tried to open it. Locked. I tried again--he told me it was open!--but Contessa must not have been ready for us yet.

The villa welcomed us all later, so I'll post those interior pics separately, but here are some of my favorites from the reception (and more, after the jump). Since this may be the only wedding-themed post I'll write on Homebodies, I'm going all-out, search-engine-optimized servicey: 9 brilliant ideas for an Italian wedding reception!

1. Have it at a villa. 
2. At sunset.
3. Serve pitchers of spritz, the Venetian aperitivo of white wine, soda, and Campari.
4. Invite an elderly host, in a pinstripe suit with pocket square, to serve as master of ceremonies.
5. Prosecco and antipasto for days.
6. Blankets and pillows on the lawn: perfect for kids on the early side, cozy for adults after sundown.
7. Pots of fire (kerosene) along the driveway. (It seems Americans are cautious of open flame, but there's no substitute. See 9.)
8. Dessert--gelato, profiteroles, tarts--in addition to wedding cake.
9. Chinese floating lanterns! Dozens of them. Are these legal in the States? Guests can light the base, and the hot air will carry them off into the sky. Some will crash over the grape vines, but not so far away that a pitcher of water tossed over the stone wall can't extinguish the fire. All that Prosecco and spritz you've consumed will help calm the nerves when the flames leap higher than you ever thought they might. All best with a full moon.

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