Monday, August 29

A good friend is one who lets you drink Bloody Marys over her computer

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah Natkins invited me over for brek and Bloody Marys. "We can finally do Homebodies!" I said. Sarah, who was about to start a new job heading up the New York office of the London-based design communications firm Camron (repping Kartell, Yves Behar, World Design Capital Helsinki, London Design Festival), not only has beautiful taste, but she's also moved into a different apartment in the same building, and I hadn't seen the new place (As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that perhaps only New Yorkers do this, wouldn't you say?). She's been on my list for a while.

I'm also always game for stopping by for food and drink, especially if we end up Googling comedy sketches, as we, of course, by the end of the pitcher, were doing.

I'll post more of her place this week. Typewriters, design books, cameras, Ghost chairs...

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