Wednesday, April 6

I miss Homebodies, too...

Greetings! I see I haven't posted in *one month*! So sorry. I miss Homebodies, too, and hanging out on Sundays with strangers, like I did with Mario, above. But there's good news! I'm less than three months away from finishing grad school, and I'll be back regularly when I'm done in June.

I'll be giving a lecture during the final residency, as part of my requirements for graduation, and I think I'm doing it on interior spaces in literature -- what they convey beyond setting. I'm working on an outline now...

More to come soon, here, I hope, but for now I wanted to drop in and say hello. Thanks for reading Homebodies!


  1. Good luck, dear. We'll be waiting patiently:)

  2. that sounds like such an interesting thesis. I'd be interested to know more!