Monday, January 17

A travel writer's airplane-style bathroom

One of my favorite things about the home of Jessie Sholl and David Farley is the bathroom, where David, a travel writer, has decorated the room with stickers and images swiped from airplane bathrooms: "Please lock door," "Na Toalete nekurte -- No smoking in lavatory," "Open door slowly." Check out the lightswitch plate at the bottom of this post, which is covered with the cheery cartoon instructions for how to use the oxygen mask in case of emergency.


  1. Isn't it cool! There are rumblings about his maybe making them for friends...

  2. Ha! Oh, "emergency exit" would be great by the window. Or the bathtub drain.

  3. So cool! Gotta love the switch plate.

  4. Very very cool, Farley. Much more creative than even the top picks from my airsick bag collection.

    The Trip Chicks