Thursday, January 27

Living room no. 2

I was doing so well, posting so regularly, and then I got sick! I'm back from the writers residency in Vermont, I finished up two deadlines, one for Luxe Interiors & Design and one for the Guardian's weekend magazine, and I realized I have this with one last post with my author friends. So, before I get back to my NyQuil nap:

At Jessie and David's, this room in the back of the apartment is often used for guests, but since the couple moved their bed up to the loft, this former bedroom is--could it be?--just an extra room! For reading, lounging, working, looking out the window at Seventh Avenue. Mostly, I love the red lamp.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're feeling better!
    Interesting photo. Very Rothko-esque!