Tuesday, January 4

Joey & Kelli Ruiter

We're back with  Joey and Kelli Ruiter at their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a modern little gem next to the traditional houses of my Nana and Uncle Bill. Joey, an artist and designer, isn't quite sure who designed this house, but it's an awful lot like a few layouts he's seen by architect John Black Lee in New Canaan, Connecticut (who I just learned is still living, so maybe I should try to call him today?). 

This couple did a major renovation when they moved in a few years ago; now the place has concrete floors with radiant heating, an updated kitchen, though Joey says it was already ahead of its time, with built-in ports and stations; and a more updated, open layout. I love the original clerestory windows.  

Above in the living area sit an Eames chair, of course, because Herman Miller, who manufactured the chair, is based near Grand Rapids in Zeeland, Michigan. Everyone in a 100-mile radius has old, new, handed-down, family-inherited Herman Miller pieces. The chair above is cherry and leather.
Joey drew the car below. The modular shelving (Herman Miller? Eames? I'm forgetting right now), which was left by the original owner, extends along that entire wall. That's my mom next to Joey.

Some shots of the kitchen below: the orange carpet squares lead to the dining room. The couple and my mom in the kitchen, on the orange carpet squares. Joey designed the stools. Mom was trying to style the shot. Too late! The pendants in the dining room cast shadows on the walls, ceiling, floor. Joey and Kelli say they're getting tired of these fixtures; they're looking for something quieter.
I asked them to pose. In the final pic, Kelli is standing inside the door at the entry, while I'm in the carport, and you can see the other end of the modular shelving.