Sunday, January 9

The sleeping loft

At David and Jessie's in the West Village, open-tread stairs lead from the entry, cross over the living area, and lead to a small loft above, a perfect size for their bed. The skylight, sloped with the angle of the roof, provides light for the two levels. Jessie converses with Abraham Lincoln on the sofa.

Jessie and David stand the roof, next to the skylight, their bedroom window. Lower Manhattan is in the background.


  1. Feel free to visit our home in Sydney. We can promise some cold Chateau Collapso. We live in a 100 year old police station and cell block, that was only de-commissioned 2 years ago. You would be very welcome.

  2. Thanks, Denise! Wow, your place sounds fascinating! I lived in Sydney for a year once -- Dolphin Street in Coogee. In what area is this former police station where you live?