Saturday, December 4

Rolf's Country Kitchen

It's hard to imagine now, but only a few Saturdays ago I was sitting in Rolf's kitchen in Salina, Kansas, nudging a fork on the counter a little bit closer to the cowboy hat to create a better composition, and drinking an entire pot of black coffee by myself. The barstools at the counter were too comfortable to leave, so I opted out of the six-mile run that Rolf and Ada (she's below, on the rollercoaster), were about to take on. 

I poked around the kitchen instead, not before Rolf captured my pre-coffee morning portrait with this newish, short-hair bedhead. That's the running duo in the living room behind/in front of/next to the kitchen, just before takeoff.

Have you ever gone running in Kansas? The wind! Man vs. nature! It's so windy that there's a constant force working against you, or depending on the direction, driving you forward with such gusto you have no choice but to pick up your feet so you don't fall on your face in the prairie dust. The Kansas wind was a constant mortality check: I don't remember ever being so aware of trying to keep my human self planted safely on the ground. This is the real reason why I didn't run; I needed another 24 hours of the invisible flogging before I was truly ready to take on the currents.
It's a good thing Ada, above, brought yummy Chinese cakes (purple box) from Arcadia in Los Angeles, because they were beautiful and delicious and look below at how empty Rolf's kitchen cupboards are! Tuna. Macaroni. Peanut butter. Rolf, a travel writer, says it's because he lives in this house only a few weeks out of the year. On a recent stint, he circled the world in six weeks without baggage, so I suppose these spartan cupboards could seem lavish.
More photos of the kitchen. No wind in the kitchen.
On the fridge below, pics of the family--especially ones of his adorable two nephews. One of them let me pet his black, glassy-eyed rabbit.


  1. Love that he drinks Evan Williams. A man after my own heart.

  2. I like the bed head, mini cactus, and fridge composition. Well done!

  3. Thanks, Megan! It's a really cute place.