Saturday, December 18

The earth-sheltered house: land as a blanket, roof as a playground

It made George and Alice just a wee bit nervous, but their five guests walked up onto the steep roof anyway, and it was so much fun! Rolf, in the white hat, led the way, and explained the terrain from the peak. I climbed up after Ada. Rolf lost his hat in the wind. (The Kansas wind! It's invisible in photographs, so this is good evidence.)

The house is sheltered on three sides, a blanket of land around its shoulders. Three-quarter earth-covered houses often have one side open to the south, as this one does, the solarium, to capture light and heat. It's very energy-efficient. And excellent to play on.  


  1. Oh my. In Sweden you'd get snowed in in a second.
    Isn't it very dark inside?
    If I had a house like that in a sunnier location, the roof would be covered with solar cells.

  2. In Sweden--yes! It's actually not dark inside. The entire south side is open with that sunroom, and the light enters into the house. On the back, and the sides, there are windows built into the roof, so you get overhead lighting in the bedrooms and office. Also, I like dark, enclosed spaces -- it's possible I didn't notice if it lacked sunlight!