Tuesday, November 16

Views from the roof

I love Red Hook. We went up the rooftop where Andrew and Jami live: views for miles. And groceries just below, on the ground level. It's a great location, if you don't mind the trek/bus/bike ride to the subway. Below, Jami and Interior Design's Annie Block, and the rising moon. 
 I went back inside to leave my empty beer bottle somewhere respectable before I took off. With no one inside, I could see more clearly the lines of this new table Andrew designed. He used to work only in right angles--big emphasis on only. Proof: sometimes people change. 
And then, as I was heading out, I saw this installation of chairs on the wall, just inside the front door. How did I not notice when I came inside? Right, I was heading straight for the lobster rolls.


  1. What a fantastic location! looks like it was a great time

  2. Thanks, Joseph! Yes, good time, good food, great peeps. :)