Monday, September 13

Mark Phillips and his "Sol LeWitt"

Voila, here it is, Mark's replica of Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing 1211, an installation at Dia Beacon in New York. The shot above was taken by Mark from the head and center of his bed. He elevated the grid a few inches higher than it should be -- there's more space at the bottom than at the top -- so he can gaze at the whole golden thing in its entirety, over the tops of his feet, as he wakes in the morning (as seen below, except the picture was taken at 6 pm). "In the glow of the morning light," he says, "it becomes tones, not individual lines. It's like a sunrise."
Mark explaining. "Some people knit. I drew lines on a wall."
Mark began the project two years ago. It was tedious: holding a ruler against a wall takes quite a bit of stamina. Forty-five minutes in and he was exhausted, though he says he never left a square unfinished. "That would bug me. I wouldn't be able to go to sleep with it facing me."

The entire drawing took about six months to finish. While he was compulsive about finishing individual squares once he began them, he didn't mind the Tetris-like work-in-progress. "It was still beautiful unfinished."

"It's fun having ambient tasks. I've taken up running, since..."

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