Monday, September 20

Instructions for installing a Sol LeWitt...

If you listened to Mark Phillips' Studio 360 podcast about his attempt to recreate a Sol LeWitt drawing in his bedroom, you'd know already a bit about the authentic artworks, and how the assistants come and prep the wall, and about significant details like the widths of the pencil markings, and you'd know that Sol LeWitt pieces come, like any purebred, with paperwork. 

Mark, a freelance radio reporter who was a producer at On the Media for four years, showed me some of the instructions for a LeWitt installation as outlined by the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York City. Paula Cooper represents Sol LeWitt. The gallery opened in 1968 with a show that included the artist's first wall drawing. 

As you can see below, the wall must first be painted with a specific primer from Benjamin Moore, a paint manufacturer trusted by top professionals in the art and design worlds (like architect Wayman). Apply the paint with a roller, not a brush, please.
Above, a meditation pillow, and my glass of water. In college, Mark studied Buddhism in Japan. Below, guitars and a keyboard next to the bed. When not gazing out windows, Mark plays keys, does sound design for films, and makes music under the moniker Sono Oto.


  1. where to get the instructions??

  2. You can probably ask the gallery. Good luck, and let me know if they give them out!

  3. what gallery?

    I was in the Pompidou Metz last week, but I don't think they give this away!