Wednesday, September 8

First day of school! Homework for Homebodies

Happy back-to-school! So...for my next Homebodies would greatly help if, before I expose you to some wonderment, you do some homework and listen to a quick audio segment about the subject's home project--which, as said subject points out, involves colored pencils, the ultimate back-to-school supply. This isn't the DIY you might expect.

Mark Phillips, a reporter and producer for On the Media, and my colleague at WNYC, took on quite a challenge in his bedroom: replicating a pencil drawing by the artist Sol LeWitt. He asked big questions, and so did Studio 360, the radio show that aired his findings: "Is it real, or is it plagiarism?"

Listen to the ten-minute piece below. Photos to come!

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  1. I've always wanted to do this, but I would never assume that it was a "real" Sol LeWitt. I give props to Mark for actually doing what many people want to do, but I found his ideas about whether it was real or not a little naive. If I submitted a story of my own to WNYC claiming to be Mark Phillips and they broadcast it as a story by Mark Philips, would it then be his story? I think not, but maybe I will just to see what happens....