Friday, August 27

Wrapping up at Wayman's

Today I'm wrapping up my visit to Wayman's with a few random shots. Above, I was shocked when he opened his neat desk drawer and a pen was neatly secured on a pad of paper, as if it is the pen he owns and the paper on which he writes. You should see. My pens. And papers. Below, his Hamptons bag, with issues of Wallpaper and design mags, of course.
This is my last Homebodies post on Wayman's place, but I've been asked by a newspaper to write a piece for its magazine based on this entry. Yay! So you'll be seeing more from this architect, including professional photography, once I write it, and it runs, and I post a link to the story... Stay tuned!

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  1. As it should be. I've enjoyed all the posts on this apartment and friend. Good luck on the article, I'm looking forward to it.