Sunday, August 8

Wedding reception + whiskey tasting

Yesterday I went to a wedding reception at a distillery. My dear friend Anna Jane Grossman eloped with the dark and handsome Jesus Diaz a few months ago, so friends and relatives were invited by her family, owners of Tuthilltown Spirits, to come celebrate the event on their historic riverside property in the Hudson Valley. My friend Liz Armstrong and I were so excited we headed out at 8 am with a couple named Alex and Audrey. Oh, did we arrive a few hours early?

We ate blueberry muffins. We walked to the river. Liz became encircled by butterflies. The couple napped with Amos the dog. I took a few photos for Homebodies. Then we took a noon-hour tour of the operations and enjoyed a tasting from New York State's first whiskey distillery since prohibition. Radicals! I fell in love a little bit with the Hudson 4-Grain Bourbon. So smooth. The reception officially started at 5 pm, so what better activity for the whiskey-tinged afternoon than to head to the Ulster County Fair?
Pig races, peeing cows, white-lashed horses, Jesus-lovers, swirly clown music, a water game that involved zipping children into plastic bags that the attendants filled with air using high-decibel leaf blowers, and the mistake of chewy fried Oreos--we did it up at full tilt. I'll post pics of the home soon, but for now, here are a few moments of adventure.

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