Tuesday, August 17

Wayman Robertson, Architect

Meet Wayman. He's a lean, mean design machine, and when I lived on enchanted King Street, in Soho or the West Village or the Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District or whatever the place is I no longer have to define, he lived upstairs. His apartment, through which he strides, is much nicer than mine ever was. He's an architect whose design boutique does commercial and residential spaces. (As if you can't tell, by how well he works with proportion.) It's a small space, but it's got a great vibe, and he used has all sorts of quirky tricks to get it that way.

So you walk into the apartment and you're in the open kitchen. To the left is this living space, pictured above and below. Wayman's walking toward the kitchen; the bedroom is in the back. His desk is tucked into the corner on the left, and the center of the room is devoted to seating. The chocolate-brown sofa is from Room & Board. He bought the maybe-probably Jens Risom chair for supercheap from a guy in Miami who was having a moving sale, and he had it reupholstered in men's wool-houndstooth suiting fabric, which he also had backed. On the day I visited, he was dog-sitting his studio-mate's pup Dorothy, who sat wherever she pleased.
Below, check it out, Wayman had the curtains custom made with white shirting fabric, and they hang from slender brass rods ("cheap hardware from Gracious Home") about three-quarters of the way to the top of the window, allowing more light to pass through above eye level. Another shot of the Jens Risom-ish chair.
I always knew when Wayman was home, because I'd see his sailboat parked on the street. The seat comes up to my chin.


  1. What is the color on the living wall? Gray or dark blue? I love it.

    Glad I heard about your blog via The New York Times.

    Since the dearly departed DOMINO magazine I've been looking for interesting, creative sites on home design/decor.

  2. Hey, thanks! I'm glad you found my blog.

    Regarding the paint, you're ahead of the game! I was going to talk about it in a later post, but maybe this shot has the best photo of the color after all... The color is Benjamin Moore's Abyss, and Wayman says it's the darkest blue he could find. It does have sort of a slate cast. It's an incredible color. http://www.benjaminmooreonline.com/1508.html