Wednesday, August 4

The library of President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

I'm going through Homebodies images, and in the lax nature of my editorial schedule (it's more wheneverly than daily), I realize I never posted photos of the Icelandic president's library. Or his dining room, or a walkway that leads to the basement museum (!), where a big yellow parka is tossed over a banister. (Read more official stuff about the residence here.)

So here are a few pics of the library, which I loved for its Scandinavian palette and blonde or weathered woods. I don't have any info on the furnishings, as his people never got back to my people, though they approved my photography at the time, so we get to imagine this one. I do know I would really like a slanted-top something or other for reading, as shown above. And below, the round overhead fixture, built into the ceiling and casting a perfect glow over a workspace, wouldn't be so bad, either.  
Dear table, I love you.
Why I don't have a better picture of the three-cushion sofa below, I have no idea. The color is sort of fabulously outdated
This sweet little seating area with upholstered armchairs is just outside the library. On this snowy day, the light bounced off the ground and filled the space with natural light.


  1. Love the feel of these rooms. How'd you get in there???

  2. I was in Iceland for a design fair. Such a beautiful place! The pres invited us to his home for a reception during the show. Creativity and design are good for the economy, and for life, he said.