Monday, August 23

Maps and towers

In the corner of the living room on Wayman's Abyss blue wall are original ward maps of the West Village and Soho, used by the city from 1906 to about 1920, he guesses. You can see the King Street block where Wayman lives. You can also see how the building of Sixth Avenue was depicted: tiny strips of white paper are pasted over sections, covering any buildings in its path. Pretty fascinating. He bought the maps at Argosy, a store in Manhattan that sells old and rare books and maps.
Above, the corner, and the tower of architecture and design books. Below, on a mirrored table, is a grouping of objets. He likes old keys. These in particular he thought were nicely antiqued and of a substantial weight. The tiny scissors are from Surface to Air. Another detail of the map. 

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  1. The ward maps are great! Your site is so addictive!