Thursday, August 19

The living room

The previous post on Wayman Robertson's apartment shows broader views of the living room. Here are a few details, like Dorothy the dog, who he was sitting, making herself invisible on the cowhide rug. Below, in an action shot, Wayman is removing the pup from the Room & Board sofa and placing her somewhere on the floor. Paws and feet. Wayman found the Chinese screen against the wall at the Sixth Avenue flea market. An early idea was to find a second one and hang them over the windows, but he never found another...

Below, the two photographs show New York City at dusk. They're by Wayman's friend, the photographer Michael Edwards. They're separate images, but pushed together, they'd be panoramic. The deep blue paint, as a reader asked about in the previous post (where you get a better sense of the color, perhaps), is Abyss from Benjamin Moore. Wayman said it was the darkest blue he could find. The trim is Decorator's White throughout.

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  1. You must know how much I love that first photo. Dorothy knows she's being clever - I dig it.