Sunday, August 1

Homebodies in the NYT

Did you see it? In the New York Times Styles section today? Homebodies got a mention in the profile of the talented Todd Selby, whose book The Selby is in Your Place came out in April. An excerpt, written by William Van Meter: 

"Mr. Selby’s online gallery is also indicative of a trend toward a rawer, more photojournalistic approach to interiors, a movement typified by indie design magazines like Apartamento or the interiors blog Homebodies, which are less interested in the faux perfection of shelter magazines than in the effluvia of everyday life. The spaces actually look lived in because they are."

It's so cool that his work as a photographer requires him to go into people's homes. (Jealous. I'm currently writing a piece for a magazine about a house in Connecticut I've never visited.) Anyway, congrats, Todd! You'll love his website if you've never seen it...


  1. This blog is a changin'! Lookin' good!

    Check out Dominique Nabokov for the proto-Selby if you already don't know of her. (I did 3 posts on Dominique last month.) Great stuff, and her books are beautiful too....

  2. Oooh, thanks for the rec--will check it out!

    So I've been meaning to email people about this background. Do you think it's too busy? I've been meaning to find a designer to help with me it (and edit Blogger's HTML), but in the meantime, thoughts? Anyone? Thanks!

  3. I actually saw this yesterday when he posted a link on Twitter. I was like whoah. That is amazing.