Sunday, August 1

Corvin Matei and the Pringles objet

I was visiting my friend Corvin Matei, an amazingly talented architect in New York, when I noticed this coaster--this objet--on his bedside table. "What is that?" I asked. Of course, I knew. It's two Pringles lids pressed together to encase his destiny as told in fortunes. Chinese delivery food and Pringles chips are staples in his Christie Street studio, where he's often holed up working late into the night. When he's not designing buildings, Corvin can be found making something, anything: drawings, paintings, photographs, perfect omelettes. Below, a ruler awaits use in an air vent.


  1. love the new background on the blog Liz, cool flower pattern. I love the double Pringle's lids idea! so simple and translucent.