Friday, July 2

The walk-in closet/bedroom

The bedroom at the home of M. Gunnison doubles as a walk-in closet--or is the walk-in closet. It's the only closet in the apartment. The black pipe is from a pipe fitter on Great Jones. The hole in the wall serves to exhaust the steamy air from the bathroom, which is on the other side of this room. Below, the view into the main area. "Between the cramped quarters and sloped floors," says M., "it feels vaguely like living on a ship."

Below, the lamp and fan were hand-me-downs from a friend who lived around the corner but moved away. This is the kind of lamp I expected Papa to have in his writing studio.
M. got the Star Wars pillowcase when he was a boy. He found in recently in his trunk from summer camp. (My little brother had the same pillow case!) "I was never such a big Star Wars fan until college when I came to understand the influence that Joseph Campbell had over the early three films," he says. "That and Boba Fett was a badass."


  1. i saw this on my opening google page. Had no idea it was from you... should have known. Only you have an eye for special tableau's!

  2. Hi, Hani! Thanks for visiting! Another home soon...

  3. Hi, This is quite cool. I like seeing how people decorate and live in really small places

  4. i love the little touches, like that older table lamp and the fan, and of course, those bed sheets. now i want empire strikes back pillow cases ;) having fun catching up on some of your blog posts, i love what you do!