Thursday, June 17

I'm Alive!

This morning I got an email from an old friend in Germany: "What happened? Are you alive? You're no longer on Facebook and you haven't updated your blog in days..."

I'm alive! My love-hate relationship with Facebook teetered way over to the hate side and stayed there, so we broke up. I might go back someday. And the rest of my semester, in addition to work, consumed every waking minute, so I had to ignore HB for a bit, too. Sorry. I'm back, briefly today.

I'm at a writers' residency at Bennington College in Vermont, as part of my master's program, and I'm staying in a college dorm. I can't show you my whole room -- I can't show you my mud-soaked running shoes from the hike around the nearby lake; the sweatpants draped over the end of my bed, still wet from a run in the rain yesterday; the unmade bed with its scratchy bedcovers, pink and forest green. It's too gross, and it's not exactly harmonious. I'm living like an animal. A damp animal who's been pounded by a few consecutive days of rain.

I will show you a few things. Above, clockwise from the top: The only light in the room, a desk lamp with a whopping 52-watt bulb; a golf ball found on the hike around the lake; Amtrak ticket home; moisturizer with sunscreen (I always wear it); workshop material to read one more time; an awesome railroad tie, also found on the hike; short films by Baillie; computer; cords and such; a Bennington College cup filled with cold tea, once hot; a phone with the loudest. Ring. Ever.

Below, my bookshelves. I just bought books by Amy Hempel and Major Jackson, both profs in this program, and I can't wait to read them. My camera. I travel with Lavazza espresso. I brought my hard drive, thinking I'd have time to reorganize its contents. So soothing. The stack of papers is from my workshopped material -- lots of contradictory notes I need to reread and decipher. Looking forward. I brought the bear rug to school because it no longer has a place in my apartment. And finally, the view out my window into the courtyard. The buildings here are lovely, even for us animals.


  1. oh my! Are you having any fun there? Work going okay? I wondered about you a while ago and your toothbrush comes to mind now and then!

  2. sounds like a refreshing (yet damp) escape from the gritty citty.... enjoy, you'll be back with the rest of us animals in the concrete jungle at 90 degrees and 90% humidity soon enough...!

  3. Hi Liz, missed you too on FB. Thank God, for your blog, so I can still get the good stuff! Enjoy the summer. My son's GF BTW is also a writer and works for Pen. Not for money but because she loves it. Pretty cool.
    Lots of love...

  4. PS Jane Etty is me, I tried to hid my real name in my blog, but it didn't work, have to change it back. Hani!