Sunday, June 27

Happy Pride! Party at Jimmy's

My neighbor across the hall, Jimmy Hilburn, is hosting a Gay Pride party today for about 20 close friends. We have similar apartments, roughly 300 square feet, I think, so he was mildly concerned when nearly everyone he invited responded with an RSVP. Would they all fit? They'd have to.

Chairs were unfolded. My glass pitcher* was borrowed. At 11:15 am, limes were being sliced. The monkey bread wasn't yet baked.

*Actually, it's Matthew Loren Cohen's pitcher, but I took over his apartment when he signed up for life at sea with Second City, and with his apartment came a lot of glassware. Thanks, Matt!

Jimmy is a marketing director at AMC, but he's also a fantastic photographer and a painter--a true all-around artist, as you might guess by looking at his well-designed apartment. Everything works together, and it's an efficient use of space. When I set up my place, on the other side of the wall where his sofa is, I paid attention to how he divided the areas. Well, let's just say our places are pretty much mirror images but in different palettes: my sofa is on the other side of his; my bed, too; the rug, yes. Some pics from poking around...

Below, his bed. It's tucked in next to a desk with high shelves, so it looks and feels like its own area. We share the fire escape! The radiator--switched off--serves as a nightstand. The setup for the party. Those TV trays were mine and I used them in my last apartment, but they didn't work in my new place. Luckily, Jimmy came over and fell in love with them just as I was about to list them on Craigslist. They match his place perfectly.

The kitchen area. On the wall just outside the kitchen is this handy hanging organizer. Jimmy says his mom gave it to him--maybe it's from MoMA? [UPDATE! Mondoblogo reports it's a 1970s design by
Dorothee Maurer-Becker for Ingo Maurer, reissued by Vitra.] The stove. Paints in a bowl on top of the microwave, next to the sugar.

Raef, left, and Nicole, right, roll dough for monkey bread. Nice rug. Jimmy throws the balls into a bag of sugar before placing them in the pan. The table of food. The fruit is mixed with honey and mint--yum! 
The guests arrived--and last time I checked, they all fit. Jimmy has very handsome friends. The boy below--I think his name is Andre--has awesome shoes. "They're my war prize," he said. "They're my ex-boyfriend's."
Obama, why don't you join us? The paper-cutout Obama head is a memento from election night. It's stuck into the hanging organizer, and when I went to snap this photo of the room, well, someone just had to make an appearance.


  1. Nice post! The plastic wall organizer is by Dorothee Maurer Becker. This particular version came in 2 sizes and at least 4 colors. Love them.....

  2. Thank you, Mondoblogo! I just checked out the history, and I'm going to add a link. I love that organizer!