Monday, May 3

The foyer

Pardon my lack of attention recently to Homebodies, but I'm finishing up a huge load of work for school, and between that and my awesome new full-time gig at WNYC, I haven't had a spare minute to update my blog! Big deadlines loom, which means there's a clearing soon to follow, so until I get there, I thought I'd upload a few photos of Nana and Papa's foyer.

It's always looked like this, for as long as I can remember. The pink walls are warm and inviting, there are usually uncles and aunts and cousins crowded around as soon as you walk in the door, and the red telephone has been there for decades--as kids, we used to think we could pick it up and call Russia.

Many paths into the home lead from the foyer: straight ahead to the kitchen, right to the parlor, hard right to the living room, upstairs to the bedrooms.

"I dare you to call Russia!" "No, it'll start World War III!"

Below, Uncle Ed and Sadie, the dog.

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