Saturday, May 15

Bill's Kitchen

This is Bill's kitchen. Above, canisters and another Life cover, of course. His son found the butter churn on the top shelf. Below, the red-glass lamp sans shade is from his childhood bedroom. The smoothie-making operation! Neon-stickered berries. When I buy neon-stickered stuff, I have to peel off the price. It's so harsh to look at, and I feel like I'm getting yelled at every time I open the refrigerator. Just me? Other people I've talked to for Homebodies, including Chef Seamus, don't seem to care.
This corner is so perfect: the molding, the light, the window, the color. Out another window, Bill's son practiced dribbling and had some pretty impressive moves. On the day I visited, the day's plan—after a soccer game and a birthday party and a basketball game—they were going to plant a garden.

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  1. I just had to say something about the screaming labels...I feel the same way! I go nutz scraping them off. I thought I was crazy....