Saturday, April 10

My Nana, her kitchen

This is my Nana, in her kitchen. Isn't she cute! (That's right, I'm not asking a question; it's a fact.) She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and my mom and I went to visit her and Papa a few months ago. As in all homes, the kitchen is where we spent time catching up. Nana, who was born in Belfast, made pots of strong black tea, though it was pretty late in the evening, affirmed in her faint accent that my Sam Edelman shoe purchase was indeed "faaaabulous, honey" (below, that's my mom, gesturing with the shoe), and doted on me with so many warm, freshly baked cookies that I felt like a six-year-old with her first all-star report card.

Nana, well into her eighties and always dressed to the nines, has great taste. It's a long tradition that we shop with her or show her the day's finds. So I was not surprised when, after the shoe talk, she came back into the kitchen showing me her own Sam Edelman, a decorative ballet flat. Nana is so chic! Now where are those cookies?

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Nana loves roses, florals, neutrals--as you can see. Here's the kitchen from the opposite angle. And that's Aunt Cheryl standing on the rug. She and Uncle Ed came over for a nightcap. Oh, this was the night we went back to Ed's Bar for successive nightcaps! Good times.

Rose teapot. Cookies! Cheese. A knife I want. Dansk Dutch oven--funny, I have this Dansk style, in two sizes. As does my mother. Those are her hands. I have those, too. Same-same-same.

A while back, my Nana was in the news for her French silk pie. She is always baking, baking, baking--though this recipes isn't exactly a cooked dessert. It contains, among other things, a cup of butter and four raw eggs. Divine. Love the scarf, Nan. Sooooo fab!


  1. love this post AND your chic nana!

  2. had no idea you had Belfast relatives - I should introduce your nana to my mom, they're both in their 80's - both from Belfast.

  3. I have that red Dansk dutch oven and one the same size in mustard yellow. Both wedding gifts from 30 years ago, along with a red Dansk lasagna pan! Your nana is cute and sassy!

  4. Mimi, really! Small world--we're probably related. ;) Clover, I LOVE the Dutch oven--I like the yellow color, too. I have some sort of deep oval pan, too--maybe a casserole or something? I love them! They're so pretty and so classic.

  5. I've got a couple of those Dansk dutch ovens too, they were my moms. There's a adorable mini yellow one, the size of a butter melter. Love them all and often fear using them.I want to preserve them. silly, really .