Friday, April 16

My girls in Milan

Last year at this time, I was in Milan for the annual furniture fair, along with just about every other design writer or editor in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo, not to mention every furniture designer, distributor, entrepreneur, or aficianado in the industry. The Salone is where the big names in the business debut their work for their year, and the entire city of Milan is transformed into a sprawling celebration of design. It's a fair not to be missed, and I recall it very fondly from my desk in Greenwich Village at 6:55 a.m.

I bought a new computer--fast! zip!--and transferred all my files onto it. While watching the photos import at incredible flash speed (and to the accidental soundtrack of Daft Punk, which was fitting), I saw this set I took at the apartment some of my friends rented in the city center, between Tortona and the Duomo. Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov, then I.D. editors, now Sight Unseen founders, and Kristin Victoria Barron, an artist and designer, all stayed here. (This year, Jill and Monica are posting not-to-be-missed coverage of the fair on their website, on Twitter, and for Fast Company.)

I went to visit them before heading over to the home of photographer Sean Michael Beolchini for the wonderful Italian dinner party, and we ditched press kits, opened a bottle of Prosecco, discussed the lemon decals on the kitchen cabinets, and considered which footwear would get us most easily to Sean's place way over in another section of our local map. It looks far.

The lovely Jill. A pine cone lamp, the computer, a kitchen nook.

In the kitchen, lemon decals all over the cupboards. The kitchen sink.

Euros. Business cards. Kristin's hat--feather in the cap, and Prosecco. It's beginning to feel like a party.

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  1. oh man, that makes me miss italy. I've never been to the fair, after all these years. I'm always in parma in late feb, early march for the antique fair, so it always seems a bit much to head back so soon to be just a "looker". maybe next year will be the year.... thanks for the post!