Wednesday, March 10

Kat's Bedroom

This is Kat. I'm so thankful she's letting me post pics of her bedroom, because when I first sent her images for review, she said I could post anything but these. What? I said. These are my favorite! I don't like to push people into approving photos, but I was surprised she didn't see what I saw in these pictures: charm, whimsy, a groovy vibe. All things Kat. What she saw? "It's like Sanford and Son."

A good friend she is, Kat said I clearly saw something in them she didn't see, and I could go ahead and post... Aren't you glad she did? Below, I love the contrast of dark wood in a light and airy room (the sun was going down by the time I got to the bedroom)...and the red-patterned pillow! That and the throw on the chair and just enough red...

A crochet belt, or is it suede? Well, it's something hippie-ish, and it reminded me of the dark wood again. Tossed casually over the closet door, it was the only accent on this all-white wall, or at least that's how I remember it. Said Kat when I took a picture, "Jarred gave me that."

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  1. I love it! Sanford and Son?! It's nothing close to that! This is elegant and airy and beautiful!