Wednesday, February 3

Hemingway's Writing Studio

Hemingway's writing studio is on the second floor of an old carriage house. A catwalk originally connected this studio to the second-floor veranda off his bedroom in the main house. He would wake up, shuffle over, and write his 700 words per day (said the tour guide). The catwalk and the cookhouse it ran over blew down in '48, so a stairway was built for tourists to peek in through the iron gate at the entrance. An early-morning writer, Hemingway would wind down in the early afternoon and head into town to visit with locals and hang out at the bar. More after the jump...

Below, his Royal typewriter, a Cuban cigar-maker's chair, and things he collected (note the blue glass cats), supposedly just like he left it, though I'm always suspicious of such claims.

I wish those white fans weren't in there. They look new and not like Papa's aesthetic. He would've used something like this, right?

Stairs leading down to a courtyard....

The other side of the staircase. It's shaped like an inverted V, and the studio entrance is at the top. The path below leads to the pool, which was the first residential model built in Key West. It cost $20,000 to build, and it's still the largest in town, at 65 feet long.


  1. Liz!!! I love it! Beautiful environment to write... so 700 words a day.... Okay! xoxo

  2. Thanks, Hani! Yeah, who knew? 700 a day...good goal. :)