Tuesday, February 16

Hemingway's Dining Room

I wish I got a picture of the entire dining room, but there were too many tourists in the frame. Sorry! Anyway, above is a corner of the dining room, which is painted pale blue. A portrait of the resident hangs above the fireplace. Why not.

Below is a photo of the room I took from the the Hemingway Home and Museum website. You can see better the construction of the 18th-century Spanish dining table and chairs in my detail pics below. The table was found by Hemingway's wife Pauline; she loved antiques. She also loved chandeliers. One of her favorites, hand-blown and from Murano, Italy, hangs above the table.


  1. LOVE the man in the tux tee shirt. And Bermuda shorts. In light khaki. He wins.

  2. Nora, he was awesome! Very informative. And I believe he also wore a dangling anchor earring.