Tuesday, February 23

Hemingway's Art Collection

Apparently Papa was a fan of Cezanne. I'm not sure if any Cezannes hang in the house (and I don't know how to add a special character here like an accent mark for the painter's name), but I loved the collection of paintings on the wall in the narrow hallway that runs parallel between the dining room and the living room. (Up the stairs and to the right is the bedroom.) Some are Cezanneish, and many depict--surprise, surprise--fishermen at sea.

I also liked these two sculptures below, which are in the master bedroom. They face the bed, playing their instruments at your feet. How stressful! A drumroll before dozing off! I would have to have them in the corner of the room. Less confrontational.

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  1. Good paintings..
    Art museum is one place to collect such beautiful paintings that rejuvenate your mind..