Thursday, February 18

Finca Vigia, Hemingway's Home in Cuba

Two of my friends just returned from Cuba, where they visited Hemingway's home. Called Finca Vigia, Spanish for "Lookout Residence" or "Lookout Farm," it's a museum of some sort that you can't enter. But you can look into it, they say, and they did--and they cannot believe how similar Hemingway's house in Cuba is to the one in Key West. Same pool! Same studio! Same weird fans in the studio! How strange... One of these friends may do a guest post on the Cuban home, but until then, check out this photo of Hemingway in the dining room of Finca Vigia. (Sorry this photo is uncredited; anyone know where it's from? It's used online with no source.) This room and the furniture is so similar to Papa's home in Key West. He and Pauline, the wife, decided that the dining room would be the only room in the house with no books. Cats, though? Yeah, cats are OK.


  1. I love Hemmingway! Please keep them coming. I'm in the Philippines and I don't think I'll be able to see any of these lovely places anytime soon. :)