Friday, July 31

Kids' Rooms and Snowmen

The younger Egilsson children like to draw on their bedroom windows. The snow and big sky make a perfect backdrop. Next winter, I'm going to draw snowmen on my windows, too. I wonder what kind of marker or pen they used?

Snowman Lesson: I just met History of the Snowman author Bob Eckstein at a library party. His business card says "Snowman Expert." Now I'm Googling snowmen. Look at this photo of snowmen at the Japan Snow Festival in Sapporo! So cute. I just learned that in Asia, they're typically built with two spheres, which I think I like better.

Emotionally raw stuffed animal at dusk.

Maybe it's the abundance of snowmen and stuffed animals, but suddenly alarm clocks look anthropomorphic, too.

That view!

Saturday, July 25

Egill Egilsson, Iceland

Egill Egilsson, an industrial designer in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a founder of the firm Projekt Studio. He's also a board member of the Iceland Design Centre and chairman of the Association of Icelandic Product and Industrial Designers. ("This is really funny," he says. "There are 50 of us, and we meet at cafes, but with this name it looks like it is both big and old.")

I met Egill in March when I was in Reykjavik for DesignMarch, the city's first official design week, and he was kind enough--bold enough--to host some 50 of us design junkies to his home in beautiful Kjalarnes, a quiet area of Reykjavik. As much as I loved trolling the city streets for design, a dinner party at a designer's home, accessible only by a big long bus driven by a man in an Icelandic sweater, was Homebodies heaven.

Egill lives here with his wife Elisabet and their three children, ages 3-18. The house is on land that belongs to Elisabet's family, who once ran a farm here called Varmidalur, which means warm valley. In this post are photos of the exterior, on a evening when it wasn't so warm in the valley. I'll post interior shots in the next few days.

I love Iceland. This is on the way to Kjalarnes. I wasn't kidding about the driver's sweater! I spent much of my time in Iceland considering buying one of these, especially since I landed there on my birthday. I emailed friends about it. Invited people on Facebook to vote yes or no on my related status update. But it just wasn't sitting right with me, and so I left the country without one (though I did buy a very cool scarf). In the second photo below, the mountain on the left is Helgafell, a dormant volcano.

The house is tiled with a Brazilian slate called Mustang, and Egill used stainless-steel fasteners instead of the traditional darker ones to make it more interesting. "I like it better to have the structure as a part of the final appearance," he says. "The system saves energy, because it allows for insulation between the tails and the concrete wall, which brakes the wind cooling during the winter and is substantial. The tiles fulfill my criteria: beautiful, maintenance-free and energy saving. Perfect." A 1955 Buick sits in the driveway. (Sorry I don't have a better picture of the entire house. I think I was too cold to venture out into the field of snow, but I wish I had.)

I like the doormat. Around the corner is the kitchen, from the outside. Toward the back of the house you see another home in the distance. Elisabet's parents live here.

Egill says he normally removes the decorative lights from the house in early January after the holidays, but he decided to keep them up this year. "Lights are the one of the things we use to lighten our mood during the dark winter," he says. "It definitely helps."

Interiors coming soon...!

Tuesday, July 21

Artwork: "i have no idea..."

I'm on deadline for a couple of stories and a beast of an essay for grad school, and I came across this photo of Jessica Fleischmann's dining area. "i have no idea of what's going on" is exactly how I feel right now. It's by Tuan Phan, a former classmate of J.F.'s at CalArts.

OK, back to work. Where do I start???

Oh, and those are Tord Boontje's garlands wrapped around the bulbs. So pretty.

Friday, July 17

Shannon's teacups

I'm thinking of my dear friend Shannon today, because I owe her a return phone call, and I need a haircut (she is my irreplaceable stylist in Los Angeles). Above are teacups in her kitchen. They were gifts from friends...

Below: that was a good cup of coffee. I remember it. I wish we could have tea or coffee right now! In other news, I made an ad with a photo from Seamus Mullen's place and advertised on the gorgeous blog The English Muse. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 14

Hayley Murphy

Above, the entrance to Hayley's abode. How cute is the hanging lantern? I have entryway envy.

Thursday, July 9

Preview: Egill Egilsson

Industrial designer Egill Egilsson lives in this house in Reykjavik, Iceland, with his wife and their three children. The exterior is tiled in a Brazilian slate. Egill says the system is energy efficient, and I think the natural material suits the environment. The views are incredible. More to come! (End of post.)

Tuesday, July 7

Colin Clark, Park Slope, II

As promised, here are some photos of Colin Clark's apartment as seen through the eyes and lens of a professional: Colin Clark. I love them! I also love how much light his apartment gets during the day. This shot of the bicycle is one of my favorites.

The living-and-dining area...and Eva, the cat.
Belts and jeans on a valet chair. I've always wanted one of these, particularly the midcentury design by Hans Wegner. A beautiful excuse to not hang up your clothes.

Dining area. I'm really digging the Hitchcock chairs and am thinking I need to visit Mario's mom, too.

Assemblage of boy stuff: Planes, postcards, Hispano-Suiza. A Helmut Newton autobiography.

The shade of this desk lamp echoes the shape of the table! Maybe they're cousins.

Taken from a window during an afternoon downpour...

And this gorgeous one below was taken from the stoop of Colin's building. If you live in New York, you will recognize it as the recent evening when the sky was a like a pastel watercolor.

Sunday, July 5

Preview: Catherine Chung

Last weekend I visited with Catherine, a fine artist and jeweler who lives in the historic South Street Seaport district in downtown Manhattan. Her jewelry line is called Whitestreet. We hung out in her beautiful apartment underneath colorful chandeliers she made, and she told me stories about her flocking obsession (those chandeliers) and her airbrushing phase. I'm looking over the photos I took, and I can't wait to post them all. Here are a couple:

Catherine makes jewelry at a long table in the middle of the room. Above it, pairs of earrings dangle from elaborate, low-hanging chandeliers. Sketches of works are scattered around. In the kitchen, a mint-green birdcage, complete with a live-looking bird, sits on the back burners. I love the cheery yellow countertops.

More of Catherine to come soon. But first, I'll post Colin's photos of his own apartment.