Wednesday, December 23

Things That Happen at Parties

Women in long flowing tops sit bravely on the stove near hot burners. I sneak off to admire the orange chair. Framed artwork gets knocked askew by guests who are probably nodding while listening.

I wonder if this says "Rolex." We admire our host @cthon1c's shiny skateboarding trophy. We tell our host that yes, this board does make your butt look fast.

I realized that Philip's girlfriend wears tights almost the exact shade as the ones pictured in the artwork that hangs in his living room. Has he made the connection? At the computer, people check their horoscopes. Jody and Thomas (or "Tomas"?) talk about something interesting but I forgot what. And most importantly, the carpeted steps serve as frat-style placements for red plastic cups.

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  1. Happy Christmas my dear! Sending you warm regards for a beautiful new year!