Tuesday, October 27

Ship Decor 'n' More. And hey, did you know Matt's essay was published in a book?

Decoration-wise, I've kept it simple. The walls and ceiling of my cabin are metal, so I use magnets to display postcards from my past and current ship travels, souvenirs from the Uffizi Gallery, the Borghese Gallery and Victoria, British Columbia's own Miniature World. Google it.

Caravaggio's Medusa looms over my bed to remind me that my friends think I'm an asshole for working three hours a week while getting to travel the world.

The most treasured piece in my cabin-away-from-studio is situated directly under the porthole. It is a Dio de los Muertos diorama that I picked up at the market in Puerto Vallarta. I adore the iconography and mythology of the Day of the Dead folklore (and I also love tchotchkes). This diorama has seemingly nothing to do with any of that. It depicts what I like to believe is an abortion, and when I saw it, I obviously had to have it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief but hopefully informative tour of officer's cabin 4226 aboard the currently hurricane-bound Norwegian Star. If you ever consider a cruise vacation, please do not hesitate to email me. I will implore you to consider other options, like spending a week on a landfill or parachuting into North Korea.


Matthew Loren Cohen is a musical improviser, composer and writer. His most recent essay, "Bar Mitzvah: The Musical!", appears in the HEEB Storytelling compilation Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish, which hit your local bookstore this week.


  1. Love it. The Medusa head is gory and wonderful. And thanks for telling me not to cruise...I'll pass the info along to the boyfriend, who wants to take one. Eek.

  2. Whatever you do, do not go on a cruise, Justin. Go somewhere lovely and beautiful that doesn't have people. And thanks for readin'!

  3. I love this Matthew! So brilliantly informative and, let's be honest, wierd. Love that your walls are metal, that you have a porthole, that you're travelling the world via its ports. There's surely a book in this! Thanks so much Liz as well. Hannah x