Tuesday, October 20

First Guest Blogger...

So, remember Homebodies subject Matt Cohen, the guy who hangs his toilet paper under, not over? He's working on his second months-long cruise with the M.S. Norwegian Star, where he's the music director for The Second City, the comedy/theater group based in Chicago. Basically, he works three hours a week while sailing from port to port. Because I've never been on a cruise, and because I've asked him a million questions about life on a ship, he's agreed to guest-blog his cabin room. (It's awesome!)

So in the last week, when he wasn't pounding out fanciful chords for hilarious song and dance, he huddled in the corners of his room and took photos of his desk, his toilet paper, port holes, and the Las Vegas-style carpet. Ladies and gentleman, this week, please welcome the one and only: Matthew Loren Cohen...


  1. Oh, it's gonna be good! He's in...Mexico? I'm not sure. Matt, where are you, and can I post the pic of you and Benji the mule?