Monday, September 14

Toothbrush Holder and Obsolescence

Wow, I really haven't posted very much this month. Sorry! I've been sick and have fallen behind on work and school. While I get myself back on track, I thought I'd post this picture I took of my toothbrush and the holder in my bathroom. You know how toothbrushes with gigantic handles have rendered these old-fashioned holders useless? My friend Anna Jane Grossman, a journalist and author, has a new book out on obsolescence, so I sent her this photo for her entertaining blog. Check it out, and submit your own photos of obsolete stuff.

I love this toothbrush, though! Isn't it cool? It's by the Swiss company Swissco, and it only cost $3.99. It matches the tiles on the floor. Unfortunately, it's become pure decoration in this holder: The natural bristles taste like hair and fall out, and--what I didn't tell Anna Jane--it got stuck in the holder and I have to tap the bottom with a hammer to get the damn thing out. It's easier to let it stay permanently stuck in the permanently affixed holder. If Anna Jane follows up this book with the idea of permanence, I have a submission!

P.S. Isn't rubber ducky adorable? It glows in the dark.


  1. What do you do with all those very cool ashtrays from days gone by? I have so many cool ones I have found at thrift shops etc.. don't smoke but some are too good to pass up.

    Only so many paperclip holders needed...

  2. Hilarious! Maybe you could use it to hold very thin lipsticks? Hmmmm...

  3. Is that a glow in the dark duck which doubles as a hair elastic holder? :-D

    I read your blog, I like your blog, I really do, but I have to tell you PLEASE do not use that toothbrush! The handle is very pretty but the brush looks very very sprouty and old and when the bristles start to bend the toothbrush is typically full of germs. Seriously, you could make yourself ill.

  4. Yes, it is a glow in the dark duckie! Love it. :)

    Maria-Therese, your comment is so funny! I don't use the toothbrush -- it's brand new, and the bristles are natural hair. And my dad's a dentist -- no germy toothbrushes for me. Thanks for lookin' out!

  5. *PHEW*
    Thank you for letting me know. I seriously worried about this until now.
    I'm so, so, so happy your dad is a dentist! :D